How will studying in Australia Benefit your Future?

Article Source: How will studying in Australia Benefit your Future?

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The benefits of studying at an Australian University from the perspective of an International student are: Being educated abroad demonstrates personal accountability, an ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations, it sticks out on your resume, It will allow you to develop a professional-positive attitude which demonstrates resilience and persistence, from interacting with a wide array of people you will develop strong cultural competence skills and have serious bragging rights and have better career opportunities.

1. A degree from an Australian University looks good on your resume

Studying in Australia and earning a degree from a University looks good on your resume for many reasons. Of course, it’s going to be difficult to quantify the return on investment to get a clear idea on the numbers. No one is going to be able to tell you 100% accurately how much much studying in Australia will net you over your 35-45 year career. Not that everyone plans on working that long.

The foundations of your career, the energy and work you put into it, those seeds which you sow early in life are the crops which you will be harvesting at the end of your career. I’d suggest that for anyone to life a life larger than themselves they should invest in themselves and work as hard as possible to ensure that thier education reflects their hard work.

Typically, the expense of a degree over a 4-5 year period as an undergrad could be described as the entry level earnings for any Australian. Some people consider earning $45,000 per year for five years to be better value then spending the same amount for undergraduate education. I tend to disagree, not only does a university education provide you with a degree (piece of paper) but it also provides you with a broad set of skills and specialised education.

Consider the skills to learn on the job from any profession and then consider the skills and friends you make throughout a university degree, it seems like a no brainer to higher someone with university education and train them because it results in a better rounding of skills and abilities as an employee. And that’s why I believe that studying in Australia and earning a degree from our university offers incredible value.

2. Demonstrates independence and personal accountability

Studying in Australia, living in a foreign country often by yourself and adapting to a completely new mesh of cultures and adapting to them. This amount of independence and personal accountability matures a person and allows them to grow as they learn themselves and how much they are capable of. Most international students are aged 18-24 which means this giant leap of personal responsibility is a big one.

When you return home and apply for jobs you will be able to describe your experience in detail with a strong array of confidence and passion about how you were accountable to yourself and managed your deadlines, managed your health and maintained healthy friendships. One of the biggest feats outside of completing your degree is maintaining your health. If you can do that then you are far ahead of everyone else.

3. Demonstrates an ability to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances

Studying in Australia clearly demonstrates your ability to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances. Building on the point above, adapting to a completely new culture and living alone for the first time is clearly pretty daunting and difficult. Hence why any employer would appreciate those entrepreneurial skills.

Your ability to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances demonstrates an ability to learn and take on work outside of your ordinary skill set. This trait is in high demand amongst employers. By studying in Australia you will have the confidence to master most job interviews when it comes to managing unfamiliar circumstances.

4. Develops resilience and a persistent attitude

Any international student who pursues studying in Australia to obtain a degree will develop resilience and drive, it’s only natural to assume and confirm that. That resilience and drive will go a long way and serve you will throughout the rest of your life. Imagine taking on a project given to you by your boss or client, imagine being able to have the skills to break down that seemingly impossible project into small chunks and do the impossible. What is your value to the business then?

Every business would enjoy having a team member who can rationally work through tasks and manage their deadlines without getting demotivated or distracted. In fact, having someone on the team that knows how to tackle problems and assist other team members with thier tasks is advantageous and productive for the business.

5. You will develop a professional network

As an alumni from your university where you studied to achieve your degree, your network with the people whom you have studied with may come in handy one day. Imagine being tasked with a problem and you personal know and can vouch for a previous classmate who happened to know someone who solves problems in that area. Overnight you could set up a meeting and work through the details to provide you boss with the solution.

The power of a professional network is not to be underestimated, from studying in australia you will meet a lot of people who may be able to help you one day. This means that everyone is your friend and you should be in the position of helping people and making friends in class rather than isolating yourself. Studying in australia is your chance to build your professional network and studying your degree is your chance to make your mark and impress your peers.

6.You will develop cultural competence

Your cultural competence skills will allow you to be the best brand ambassador your boss has ever seen. Studying in Australia will allow you to speak to anyone, relate to anyone as your cultural competence skills have been strengthened from working in groups and participating in class.

Not only will you be able to be a brand ambassador but you ability to speak with anyone will give you the confidence to lead projects and organise your deadlines to ensure that you won’t miss a thing. Being able to work with everyone means that you will not have any issues with communication at all.

7. Serious bragging rights

The amount of bragging rights that an Australian degree will provide you is enough of a reason to study in Australia in the first place. Not only could you show off your degree in your office or cubicle but you could use that knowledge to not only position yourself as a thought leader in your team but take the initiative to plan something bigger within your business.

As a leader in your team with incredible education and influence, you may be responsible for developing training and curriculum for your team. This means that you could, upon joining a team, already start to innovate it. You could be out earning your peers before you know it.

8. Better Career opportunities

The career opportunities which are available upon graduating from studying in australia from a university are endless. Australian education is extremely competitive and will provide you with the skills you need to succeed not just in australia but also overseas. You can demonstrate in job interview, the points above but also highlight your dream of applying your knowledge to the work which you are doing and working in a team by assisting in the training ofr your teammates. University Life

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