Can studying in Australia lead to Permanent Residency?

Can studying in Australia lead to Permanent Residency?

If you are planning on studying in Australia then you must be a genuine temporary entrant (GTE). A genuine temporary entrant is someone who is considered to be entering Australia for a limited period of time with the intention on returning back to their home country.This means that you must not come to australia with the intention to stay permanently.

However, the Department of Home Affairs recognises that people can change their mind after studying here for sometime. The Department of Home Affairs are aware that students who choose to enter Australia to study are likely to make arrangements to extend their stay.

Studying in Australia can lead to Permanent Residency and is considered a genuine and legal pathway to settling in Australia. Earning your bachelors or masters degree is only the beginning of settling in Australia.

Considering the Career Data available

Before making your decision and choosing a course to study in australia so that you can apply for permanent residency, I suggest taking a look at so that you can estimate job demand, career stability and income potential.

Consider the career data available before choosing your course to get permanent residency in australia. Search for a occupation on

The Job Outlook website is run by the Australian government it provides aggregate data based of australian census, the Australian bureau of statistics and ATO data to provide people with accurate information. Note: make sure your occupation is also on the Australian Skills List otherwise you won’t be eligible to apply for PR.

By searching for your job you will find information on how much you may earn, skills and traits required for that particular job, education and ongoing training required, statistics on age and gender for that particular job as well as demand for that job.

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